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Device Demonstration and Loan

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Mobile Device Management (video)
Teltex (video)

Avaz (no video available)
Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)

GrandPad (video)
Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)


CaptionMate (video)

Tippy Talk (video)

Prentke Romich-Saltillo products and supports (video)

A Few of My Favorite Things (no video available)
Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)

Lingraphica (video)

Eyegaze (video)

Demo/Loan Inventory Management (video)

Attainment-GoTalk (video)


MyNotify-Wearable Technology (video)

Demo/Loan CoP Update (video)
Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)

App2Speak (video)

Demo Loan CoP Update (no video available)
Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)
Referenced Products (PDF)

OrCam MyEye 2.0 (no video available)
Presentation PowerPoint (PDF)

Strategies for Promoting Awareness of Your Demo and Loan Program (no video available)
Listing of Electronic Media Used by State AT Programs (PDF)


Mountn’ Movers (no video available)
Mountnmover Outline – What to Consider When Selecting a Mounting System (PDF)
Considerations for AT Programs When Including Mount’n Mover in Their Inventory (PDF)

Smartbox (no video available)
Smartbox Considerations in Demonstration or Lending (PDF)

Phonak-Roger (no video available)
Presentation Outline (PDF)

Challenges of Demo-Loan of Internet-Dependent Devices (no video available)
Presentation Notes (PDF)
Presentation Outline (PDF)
Internet Protocol Captioned Telephones-PA (PDF)

Most AT3 archived webinars can also be found on the AT3 YouTube Channel . Subscribe today!

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