The AT3 Center has convened “Communities of Practice” (CoP) to promote sharing and problem solving for AT Act Section 4 grantees and their partners in implementing state level activities as well as technical assistance and training (state leadership) related to information and communication technology (ICT) access. The members of the CoPs should be staff or program partners who are engaged in directing or implementing the activities. The CoPs will communicate via periodic, topical and focused webinars and/or conference calls, through online discussions, as well as involvement in other training events. To join a CoP, contact Jamie Anderson at

Information and access instructions for all CoP meetings and webinars are located under each CoP below.

This Community of Practice focuses on the ins and outs of state financing activities, including but not limited to alternate financing (e.g. cash loan programs); device distribution programs; cooperative buying; and other strategies that help people acquire AT.

This Community of Practice focuses on practices and problem solving in device repair, redistribution and recycling (both reassignment and open ended loan) and device exchange by developing resources and addressing reuse policy issues.

Because of the shared focus on device inventory selection, acquisition and maintenance, these two state level access activities are addressed by a single CoP. Topics addressed include identifying current “hot” AT products, strategies for inventory management, challenges with device maintenance and security, and other issues germane to providing device loan and demonstration.

Training in this area is required for State AT Programs along with reporting of specific performance measure outcome data. This CoP supports State AT Program staff, contractors and other external partners responsible for implementing ICT accessibility initiatives at the state level supplementing an expertise gap present in many states in this area. For additional ICT resources please visit our ICT Community of Practice Resources page.

This group is designed for Assistive Technology programs who have or who are interested in creating a program or project for 3D printing of AT devices.