The purpose of the AT3 Center is to provide training and technical assistance for all AT Act Programs to support quality implementation of State-Level and State Leadership activities and to support a national assistive technology internet site that makes general AT information available to the public and other stakeholders.

A separate technical assistance provider, the National Disability Rights Network, is responsible for providing training and technical assistance for the AT Act Section 5 grantees as part of their overall technical assistance to Protection and Advocacy agencies.

Technical Assistance Initiatives

The AT3 Center works to ensure all State-Level and State Leadership activities are equitably addressed and focus on integration and synergy across all authorized activities. Major initiatives of the AT3 Center include:

  • Maintaining a vetted and curated website with robust information about AT Act Programs that also serves as a national public AT internet resource along with digital and social media based AT awareness activities.
  • Ongoing systematic review of AT Act Program activities and characteristics (using a standardized taxonomy) and identifying innovative practices that can be adopted/adapted and scaled up to improve services, assisting each grantee in forming strategic partnerships, and delivering training and technical assistance to support the formation of strategic partnerships.
  • Providing quality training and technical assistance aligned with:
    • each State-Level activity area at a level of intensity appropriate for the individual and collective needs of AT Act Programs;
    • State Leadership activities, including high impact state improvement initiatives and efforts designed to secure leveraged funding, at a level of intensity appropriate for the individual and collective needs of AT Act Programs; and
    • improving and expanding AT Act Program organization and administration, including fiscal management, personnel training (e.g., diversity, equity, and inclusion, cultural competency) and deployment, resource allocation, data management, program evaluation, and succession planning at a level of intensity appropriate for the individual and collective needs of AT Act Programs.

Our Funding

The AT3 Center is a sponsored project of the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) operated under a five year grant (2022 – 2027) from the Administration for Community Living U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Information Dissemination and Social Media

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