New and Emerging AT from CES 2022

A sengled light bulb in rainbow colors.

5 innovative assistive technology (AT) products to know about from January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

One. Sengled Smart Health Monitoring Light

A bulb with full spectrum rainbow colors.

The smart bulbs of the future will not only be voice-controlled and programmable, they will monitor health data, detect if someone has fallen, and send for help! This is accomplished by Sengled, a longtime smart bulb maker, without a hub and through radar and Bluetooth Mesh network technology. The product earned Sengled a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree for Smart Lighting and is scheduled for release late in 2022. Learn more from Sengled.

Two. OrCam MyEye PRO

A woman reading a magazine with the Orcam MyEye attached to her eyeglass frames.

MyEye continues to garner awards. The wearable has been a game-changer for users with vision impairments and print disabilities since its first release several years ago. Lightweight, it magnetically mounts to glasses and instantly reads aloud hardcopy, digital screens, bar codes, bills, and colors (even offline!) It also performs facial recognition, and orientation assistance is available. New to the PRO model are “Hey Orcam” voice commands for controlling all features and settings. The OrCam MyEye PRO is a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree for Accessibility. Learn more from OrCam.

Three. Arlo Security System

Two Arlo sensors and a keypad unit.

Security and safety are getting bundled. Arlo’s kit, due out this summer, includes innovative all-in-one multi-sensors that not only detect motion, window/door openings, but also water leaks, light and temperature changes, and smoke and carbon monoxide alarm patterns. The system is self-installed and may be combined with a subscription for 24/7 emergency response and cloud storage of video and is compatible with existing Arlo cameras and devices. Learn more from Arlo.

Four. SMARTBM Bedsore Management Device

A mat with a head rest and wire trailing and an image of the mat folded to look like a slender rectangular box.

This (regretfully named) product from BlissTech is unfindable on the web, yet is a CES Innovation Honoree for Health and Wellness. The concept is a mat for preventing pressure injury by those who spend extended hours in bed. The mat regulates moisture and enhances circulation. More is needed from the technology revolution to prevent life-threatening pressure injuries, and if this hits the market with compelling data, it could make a big difference for persons with paralysis and other immobilizing conditions.

Five. HUGgy Smart Vest

A young man, woman, and child wearing huggy smart vests.

Hugging releases oxytocin and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. The HUGgy vest from DolbomDream inflates to provide pressure when a wearer needs it to bring down blood pressure and heart rate. The vest incorporates biometric sensors that trigger air inflation and notify caregivers. HUGgy is a CES 2022 Innovation Honoree for Health and Wellness. Learn more from DolbomDream.

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Published On: February 15, 2022Categories: Emerging Tech, Technology Spotlight
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