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Should I UVC My AT?

The use of germicidal lamps has been receiving considerable attention over the last several months as a precaution against the spread of Covid-19.

Should I UVC My AT?2023-09-06T21:34:30-04:00

Accessible Voting Systems–the Challenge of Privacy and Independence

In 2002, the Help Americans Vote Act (HAVA) established minimum standards for federal election administration, including updating and upgrading voting equipment. The expectation was the new equipment would allow individuals with disabilities to independently and privately mark, verify and cast their ballots. We are not yet there...

Accessible Voting Systems–the Challenge of Privacy and Independence2023-09-06T21:35:24-04:00

New App Describes Visual World

Thanks to John Brandt at MaineCITE for this post on Microsoft's Seeing AI app for persons with visual impairments. The app is free and part of an ongoing research effort.

New App Describes Visual World2023-09-06T21:35:55-04:00

Emerging Tech with AT Potential: SolePower

Our AT3 News & Tips community survey showed a strong interest in emerging technology. Here's a work boot using new technology - a kinetic charger - that has considerable potential as AT...

Emerging Tech with AT Potential: SolePower2023-09-06T21:35:58-04:00
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