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Concerned about potential barriers at your polling place? Make some inquiries in advance of election day and plan ahead. Begin today! Below are tips and resources:

Contacting Your Elections Office

It may be useful to contact your state, county, or local Elections Office in advance of the election to locate and check the accessibility of your polling place, ask about accessible voting machines (and how to use them), curbside voting (and other options), or to inquire about poll worker training regarding voters with disabilities.

Voter ID Requirements

Some states have strict voter identification (ID) requirements in order to vote. Make sure you are prepared with the proper ID well in advance of election day.

VoteRiders offers wallet-sized Voter ID Info Cards (in English and Spanish) for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each card provides a breakdown of the voter ID requirements in that specific state. They also host a Voter ID Hotline: 1-844-338-8743.

Spread The Vote provides direct assistance to help voters obtain the proper identification to vote in their state. They are currently active in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Getting to the Polls

Carpool Vote is a national platform that connects volunteer drivers with anybody needing a ride to cast their vote. The platform is accessible to voters with disabilities and offers rides in accessible vehicles as long as there are volunteer drivers with accessible vehicles.

  • Contact State and Local Political Parties

State and local political parties often help organize rides to get their voters to the polls on Election Day.

  • Plan your Route to the Polls Using Public Transportation

More Resources:

Troubleshooting Problems on Election Day
VOTE. It’s Your Right–A Guide to the Voting Rights of People with Mental Disabilities
Register to Vote (takes an average of 2 minutes)
Live in a US Territory? Find how to register here
Voter Registration Deadlines from
 (subject to change)
Directory of state protection and advocacy voter assistance hotlines
Voter’s Guide to Federal Elections from the US Election Assistance Commission

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