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AT Out for Repair? WATAP to the Rescue!

In recognition of World Braille Day, this story from the Washington Assistive Technology (AT) Act Program highlights what more people need to know: loaner equipment may be available should your own device fail!

AT Out for Repair? WATAP to the Rescue!2023-09-06T21:33:56-04:00

AT Reuse Serendipity in Arkansas

After a cataract operation went wrong, an Arkansas resident reached out to ICAN (the AR AT Act Program) ... and felt her luck begin to change.

AT Reuse Serendipity in Arkansas2023-09-06T21:33:56-04:00

On the Job with AT in Illinois

Have a disability? Learn about working with assistive technology. In recognition of National Disability Employment Month and Blindness Awareness Month, AT3 Center shares this success story from the Illinois AT Act Program (IATP).

On the Job with AT in Illinois2023-09-06T21:34:07-04:00

AT for Distinguishing Colors

Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) is the inability to distinguish between some colors and shades. Most people with this condition can identify some colors. Few people are totally "color blind."

AT for Distinguishing Colors2023-09-06T21:35:33-04:00

New App Describes Visual World

Thanks to John Brandt at MaineCITE for this post on Microsoft's Seeing AI app for persons with visual impairments. The app is free and part of an ongoing research effort.

New App Describes Visual World2023-09-06T21:35:55-04:00
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