Federal Reporting

State Plan and Instructions document can be found on the CATADA website under the Resources header on the Federal Reporting Forms page.

Annual Progress Report Instruction Manual and Data Instrument can be found on the CATADA website under the Resources header on the Federal Reporting Forms page.

Administrative Guidance for State Plans and APR’s

The following PDFs are available for download.

AT Act information including frequently asked questions, a link to the legislation, the history of the Act, a summary of the Act, and an overview of Section 6 of the Act can be found on the Learn about the AT Act page of this website.

State Plan

The State Plan serves as the application for Section 4 AT Act formula funding and identifies which AT Act activities the Section 4 State AT Program grantee will conduct (or if the grantee claims comparability or flexibility) and how they will be implemented as part of the State AT Program. It covers a three-year period initially with required interim updates annually. The plan is reviewed by ACL to ensure it conforms to the State Plan instructions and the requirements of the AT Act. The content of the State Plan is directly linked to the requirements for reporting annual data to ACL as described in the next section. Together these two data reports satisfy the federal data reporting requirements of Section 4 of the AT Act for the 56 Section 4 formula funded grantees. One component of the State Plan requires each grantee to report actual expenditure data tracked by specific categories as outlined in the AT Act. Additional information about expenditure tracking and reporting can be found under Fiscal Management.

The current State Plans for each state and territory for the 2021-23 period are available at: CATADA | State AT Program Information.

Annual Progress Report

Each State AT Program is required to submit the Annual Progress Report (APR) by December 31 of each year. The APR covers the period of October 1st through September 30th of each fiscal year and includes all the data elements required by Section 4(f) of the AT Act for state financing, device loan, reuse, device demonstration, training, technical assistance, public awareness, information and referral, state improvement outcomes, and leveraged funding. APR data must be reported for each activity included as part of your State Plan for AT.

The State Plan for Assistive Technology data collection document along with the Annual Progress Report (APR) data collection instrument and instruction manual are reference documents that should be easily accessed and frequently utilized by all State AT Program Directors. A link to the most recent CATADA webinar on APR data entry is provided below under the resources section of this page.

Data Reporting Systems

The Center for Assistive Technology Act Data Assistance (CATADA) provides technical assistance and supports to State AT Programs funded under Section 4 of the 21st Century Assistive Technology Act. CATADA has developed and supports the web-based data reporting system for the Annual Progress Report (APR) called the National Assistive Technology Act Data System, (NATADS). This is an aggregate data reporting system used by State AT Programs (Section 4 formula funded grantees) to submit the required data elements of the APR pursuant to the AT Act mandates. NATADS primary purpose is to serve as the official APR data collection mechanism for the Section 4 formula funded grantees. It is not designed to provide a comprehensive data management system for internal operation of State AT Programs nor are their resources to support development of such a system.

The State Plan for AT for the 2021-2023 reporting period along with annual updates will be submitted in a system that is under development by ACL.

The CATADA website provides a wealth of data on all State AT Programs gathered from the APR. In addition, publications that summarize State AT Program data by fiscal year can be accessed and downloaded from the CATADA website.

CATADA has developed a web-based day-to-day data collection system that can be used by Section 4 State AT Programs for reporting data for all activities included in the State Plan for AT and required by the Annual Progress Report (APR). This system covers all the required data elements for all Section 4 authorized State AT Program activities, State Financing, Reuse, Device Loan, Device Demonstration, Training, etc. The system allows for data entry by multiple people and sites in an online format with the AT Act Program controlling access. For more information about this system please contact Vance Dhooge at vdhooge@ataporg.org.

Performance Measures

ACL has established three types of measurable goals: (1) Access to AT Goals, (2) Acquisition of AT Goals, and (3) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Goals.

  1. Access Goals relate to the state level activities of device loan for a decision-making purpose and device demonstration. The State will show that it has improved access to AT by reaching the ACL set target percentage of individuals and entities who accessed device demonstration programs or device loan programs and made a decision about an AT device or service as a result of the assistance they received. The Access Goal performance measure data is found in the Annual Progress Report (APR) for State Assistive Technology Programs.
  2. Acquisition Goals relate to the state level activities of state financing, device reutilization, and device loan for purposes other than decision-making. The State will show that it has improved acquisition by reaching the ACL set target percentage of individuals and entities who obtained devices or services from State financing activities or reutilization programs who would not have obtained that AT device or service. The Acquisition Goal performance measure data is found in the Annual Progress Report (APR) for State Assistive Technology Programs.
  3. ICT Accessibility Goal is focused on obtaining an outcome/result from information and communication technology accessibility training including improvement of policies procedures or practices in the areas of website and software development and procurement. The State will show that is has improved ICT training results by reaching the ACL set target percentage of participants reporting a targeted outcome. The ICT Training performance measure data is found in the Annual Progress Report (APR) for State Assistive Technology Programs.

Using Data for Program Improvement

With 2022 Annual Performance Report (APR) data available on the CATADA website, AT Act Programs can begin to analyze their performance with an eye towards identifying possible areas for program improvement and/or changes to the State Plan for Assistive Technology (SPAT). Captioned video tutorials to facilitate using the CATADA tools are available on their website. You can run the following activity reports:

  • Your state, single activity, single year
  • Your state, single activity, multiple years (trend data 2020, 2021, 2022)
  • Your state, single activity, compared with national data (and/or compared with a demographically similar state)

The AT3 Center has provided specific information on using your data for program improvement. It is included on each State Level activity web page (Device Demonstration, Device Lending, State Financing, and Device Reuse) as well as the State Leadership pages for Training and Public Awareness.

Who to Contact for Help

  • Contact the AT3 Center for help with programmatic requirements, program implementation, program management or any other aspect of training and technical assistance.
  • Contact your ACL Grants Management Specialist for questions related to your notice of award, grant amendments, continuation awards, or other questions related to the terms and conditions of your award.
  • Contact CATADA for technical assistance with required annual federal data reporting (State Plan and Annual Progress Report).