AT Exchange Success in Arizona

Last year, Betty was looking for a TheraCycle 200 Forced Exercise Rehab Bike for her brother. The TheraCycle 200 is a motorized stationary bike that moves a user’s arms and pedals their legs even when they are unable to do so themselves. The bike has a “smart” motor that can detect when to assist, but users decide how much the motor takes over.

The TheraCycle 200 Forced Exercise Rehab Bike

According to TheraCycle, this form of therapy has been studied at the Cleveland Clinic and found to significantly reduce Parkinson’s symptoms. The exercise stimulates neuroplasticity to help repair motor skills. TheraCycle has also been used with individuals who have MS, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, or are recovering from stroke and other conditions for various benefits such as improved circulation, endurance, mental health, cognition, and sleep.

Betty searched “TheraCycle” online. She learned the bike sells for $4,500! But then she found a link for one posted to the Arizona AT Act Program (AzTAP’s) AT Exchange site. AT Exchange is a marketplace similar to “Craigs List” (the difference is AzTAP monitors site activity and can advise site visitors about acquiring AT). Betty contacted the AT Reuse Coordinator who guided Betty through the process of registering for an AT Exchange account.

Registering paid off. As an AT Exchange user, Betty could contact the seller. She can also post a device to sell or give away or post a “wanted” ad for equipment she is looking to acquire.

Betty ended up purchasing the Theracycle for $1,000.

When AzTAP followed up with Betty, she told the reuse coordinator that she couldn’t be more pleased.  The sale went smoothly. The bike is in excellent condition, and her brother uses it every day.

AT Act Programs found new homes for more than 65,600 gently-used devices in fiscal year 2020, saving recipients a total of $22.9 million. (Read the 2020 Return on Investment Report.) Learn about AT reuse programs in your community! Find your State or Territory AT Act Program.

Published On: December 28, 2021Categories: Program Spotlights, Technology Spotlight
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