#Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Let’s Try Anyway

There's nothing to lose with an AT device loan! What started as defeat for a pottery student in central Florida became a new opportunity with help from the Florida AT Act Program, FAAST.

Let’s Try Anyway2023-09-06T21:34:08-04:00

Deaf Awareness in the Age of Technology

In honor of Deaf Awareness Month, let's remember that communication equity begins with asking a d/Deaf person how they prefer to communicate and making the effort to remove barriers, accommodate preferences, and avoid assumptions.

Deaf Awareness in the Age of Technology2023-09-06T21:34:09-04:00

Doorbells But Not Sleigh Bells… Yet

Thank you Courtney Ness Fuchs and ND Assistive for helping us understand an exciting new accessibility feature in both Android and iOS smartphone operating systems.

Doorbells But Not Sleigh Bells… Yet2023-09-06T21:34:28-04:00
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