The Quest for Making Our Home Accessible

Thank you to Kim Beckstead and the Utah Assistive Technology (AT) Act Program (UATP) for this wonderful window into learning to live differently with AT. (This guest post was first published at the UATP blog.)

The Quest for Making Our Home Accessible2023-09-06T21:33:55-04:00

Giving Thanks for Assistive Technology

Words of thanks from assistive technology (AT) users reminding us of the transformative power of AT and why everyone needs to know about their AT Act Program!

Giving Thanks for Assistive Technology2023-09-06T21:34:00-04:00

Deaf Awareness in the Age of Technology

In honor of Deaf Awareness Month, let's remember that communication equity begins with asking a d/Deaf person how they prefer to communicate and making the effort to remove barriers, accommodate preferences, and avoid assumptions.

Deaf Awareness in the Age of Technology2023-09-06T21:34:09-04:00

Happy Birthday ADA!

Today the provisions incorporated in the ADA are more obtainable than ever before in history thanks to advancements in assistive technology (AT), the increasingly ubiquitous nature of AT in common devices, and a growing awareness about the power of technology to empower lives.

Happy Birthday ADA!2023-09-06T21:34:13-04:00

Joy and Love–Remembering Joy Zabala

AT3 Center is honored (and heartsick) to offer this tribute to Joy Smiley Zabala, Ph.D., who passed away July 1. Joy was a principal architect of contemporary AT practice.

Joy and Love–Remembering Joy Zabala2023-09-06T21:34:13-04:00

AT Tips for Keeping Cool

Thank you to Ability Tools Program Manager Katherine Crowley for this timely advice (first posted at their program's Where It's AT blog) and helping us all to stay cool.

AT Tips for Keeping Cool2023-09-06T21:34:14-04:00
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