Fishing for Makers

This July, the NJ and MO AT Act Programs (ATAC and MoAT) teamed to host their first AT Maker Roundtable, and already they're hooked. Won't you join them?

Fishing for Makers2023-09-06T21:34:12-04:00

ATIA 2020 Gadget Roundup

7 tools and toys exhibited at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) expo (plus two that should have been there).

ATIA 2020 Gadget Roundup2023-09-06T21:34:45-04:00

Another Kind of Santa’s Workshop

The South Carolina AT Program is getting ready to bring smiles to families and children with disabilities, one switch-adapted toy at a time!

Another Kind of Santa’s Workshop2023-09-06T21:34:50-04:00
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