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In the digital age, video gaming has become a growing source of recreation and enjoyment for our society, and it only continues to grow as technology improves and innovative ideas come to light. However, during this time, individuals with complex disabilities may have had limited social and recreational options when compared with their peers, and during the COVID-19 Pandemic to protect their health, these individuals may have had these activities even further curtailed. In the last thirty-plus years since its advent, video gaming has also not been that readily accessible as most mainstream gaming controllers on the market were not specifically accessible or inclusive to individuals with disabilities. However, over the last few years this has begun to change, and more adaptive gaming controls and access options are becoming available.

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Ten Ways to Adapt Hobbies

Thank you to Tori Gingras, Outreach Specialist with the Alaska AT Act Program (ATLA) for this reminder that there are many ways to pick up or continue with a favorite hobby or pastime.

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