Administrative Rules

OMB Grant Rules — Apply to all federal grants and include the Uniform Cost Principles
HHS Grants Policies and Regulations — Includes information on cost principles, lobbying, transparency, and efficient spending
HHS Rules for Grant Awards — These are the same as the general OMB rules, they just have different Section numbers specific to HHS


Acronyms and Laws
AT Act — A Power Point presentation on the Assistive Technology Act provides an overview of the legislative history of the AT Act, from the 1989 “Tech Act” to the 2004 law, with an emphasis on funding and activities authorized. It also includes a more in depth review of the requirements of Section 4 of the current law specific to State AT Programs. It can be downloaded and adapted by adding state level specifics as needed for state or local use.
Contact List of Who’s Who for AT Programs
Lead and Implementing Entities List for FY 2019-2020
Summary of AT Act Section 4 Grantee Requirements
Understanding Types of Grants and Associated Funding
Understanding and Optimizing Your AT Program Structure — presentation from April 2018 Leadership Symposium
Road Map for New Directors