Giving Thanks for Assistive Technology

A little boy in an accessible playground swing next to his specialized stroller smiles at the sky.

A little boy in an accessible playground swing next to his specialized stroller smiles at the sky.

Happy Thanksgiving AT fans!

AT3 Center asked the national field of State and Territory Assistive Technology (AT) Act Programs to share words of thanks for assistive technology and AT services they have received from service users. The response was wonderfully enthusiastic! We posted many to Facebook as a drum roll to Thanksgiving, reminding us of the transformative power of AT and why everyone needs to know about their AT Act Program!

Here are a few favorites:

I was so thankful to receive a magnifier from INDATA. The machine opened up a whole new world for me. I am able to read all my old recipes and continue my passion of baking for my family. I am so thrilled to have it. It has been such a blessing.

C.S. in Indiana

Learn about AT for Vision

“They are not only knowledgeable but dedicated to improving communication for people like me with ALS who need help finding new ways to communicate. They have given me a voice after I lost my own.” – L. D. in Colorado.

“They have given me a voice after I lost my own.”

L.D. in Colorado

Thank you so much for helping me with my patient. Once we figured out which app was best, he was talking up a storm! His mood has improved greatly now that he does not have to give single word responses to his fiance via QWERTY board (and she says the first thing he told her was “I love you”). Thank you for giving him a voice.

An SLP in South Carolina

Learn about AT for Speech Communication

“This past year has been so very lonely for me, so I cannot thank the Illinois Care Connections Program enough for the generous gift of an iPad to break up the time. Among the many features it offers, I have been able to Face Time with my daughter and granddaughter who live in Canada! It has been well over a year since I have had the opportunity to see them in person, and there is no end in sight to the US-Canada border reopening. Being able to use this new technology and seeing their faces has truly been a gift from God.” – Laura in Illinois

Thanks so much for the laptop! I have an old computer that still uses Windows 7 and it is very slow. It will be fun to try and do emails on the laptop, and now I’ll be able to use Zoom to connect with my family. It is so nice of you to help old people out. Your staff were very thorough and helpful when they hooked everything up. […] Thank you, thank you!!!!

Bethany in Oregon

Learn about AT for Computer Access

The process was so quick, easy, and non-exhausting! We had no idea this program was available and we are so incredibly grateful!

Denny in Iowa (after his brother acquired a height-adjustable hospital bed).

“The AT Center was a Godsend for my mother! She can read again–her favorite activity!”

J.M. in Iowa

Using the gait trainer the [AT] library lent us has allowed L. to interact and keep up with his peers at daycare much better and gave him the confidence to take independent steps only a few weeks after using it

Leslie in Illinois

Learn about AT for Seating, Positioning, and Mobility

“I was not able to get a traditional loan for an adapted vehicle because of my low credit score. I was able to use the low-interest bank loan program to get a van and use it again to get an automated scooter for my lift. Not only does this allow me to not be dependent on others for transportation it has also helped me greatly increase my credit score. The AFP program was really a heaven-sent program for me. The process was so easy and everyone was so nice and courteous.” – B.P. in Indiana

Learn about Vehicle Modifications

The AT Center was a life saver! My daughter with Down Syndrome had foot surgery and needed to stay off her foot for 6 weeks. We were able to borrow an 8-foot wheelchair ramp for the 6-week part of recovery. It was awesome! Thank you so much!

Teresa in Iowa

“I live over 700 miles away from my parents, and I have been limited to phone calling to communicate with them for many years. I became aware of the opportunity to try out communication devices for my parents through Easterseals Iowa. After a consultation, and demonstration of a variety of tablets, we found the GrandPad tablet was a good match for my situation. Both of my parents have struggles with low vision and memory and have not been able to navigate a traditional computer or iPad for communication. I was able to get my parents on video chat, and for the first time in over 8 years they were able to see my house. The enthusiasm in my mother’s voice was something she had not heard in quite a long time.” – Susan in Iowa

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