Braille UNO for Your Stocking?

UNO Braille Edition card box

Thank you to the Maryland AT Program (MDTAP) for sharing their post on the just-released braille version of the popular card game UNO.
UNO Braille Edition card boxHere at MDTAP we always like a good game and that includes the classic card game UNO!
Recently, the game’s manufacturer, Mattel, launched an adapted version of the card game that is accessible to individuals who are blind and read braille. Mattel has partnered with our friends at the National Federation for the Blind to create this new edition. The new edition features embossed braille on traditional cards, making the game accessible for players with and without a visual impairment.
UNO Braille also works in conjunction with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The smart speakers will provide an audible tutorial on how to play the game. The tutorial is interactive, so you can ask questions as they walk you through the game directions step-by-step! I hope that other card games begin to follow suit and create braille editions of their products and potentially include audible guides using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, too. Braille directions for UNO are also available to download as .BRF (braille readable files) at
If you are visually impaired or have a visually impaired friend who reads braille, this would be a nice holiday gift so you can both play a fun card game together.

More stocking-stuffer ideas for friends with vision impairments:


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