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A man in a manual wheelchair reaches into a deep drawer under a gas grill.

Ten tools for grilling with or without a disability

One: Charcoal Post Grills

Post grills are ADA approved because they’re at the right height for most cooks using wheelchairs. Designed for parks, they are also available to purchase for home installation (who knew?)
A grill on a post with a grate and side handles. Burgers are cooking above burning briquettes.

Two: 30-inch Gas Grill

The Lynx Sedona ADA 30-Inch Natural Gas Grill is fabulously expensive but offers the right height and a lift-assisted hood for ease of use.
A man in a manual wheelchair reaches into a deep drawer under a gas grill.

Three: Campfire Rings

The Pilot Rock Model M-32 accessible campfire ring has a flat rear panel so wheelchairs can get closer to the cooking grate. The grate adjusts to four levels between 19″ and 24″ above the ground and may be adjusted one side at a time with one hand.
A deep metal fire ring burning wood with a mounted grill grate. A person is seated in a wheelchair behind the grate.

Four: EZ Flip Spatula

Squeeze the trigger to flip your burger.
A metal spatula with a trigger mechanism.

Five: Extra Long Spatula

21″ with a hook for hanging up and under six dollars!
A long metal spatula resting on a gas grill top.

Six: Extra Long BBQ Tool Set

The Kona barbecue tool set offers 18″ tools with ergonomic handles. The set comes with a spatula, tongs, knife, and a large fork.
A set of four tools, all but the tongs have a loop for hanging, each with round metal handles.

Seven: Claw Lifters

Weber’s Bear Claws make it easier to lift food from the grill with plastic ergonomic angled handles and four spikes per claw. Also useful for shredding meat and poultry.
claw lifters

Eight: Telescoping Roasting Sticks

Marshmallows, weiners and more! Adjust the length and secure your food on the spikes. No whittling required.
Five retracted roasting sticks with forks and wooden handles, each with a different color collar.

Nine: BBQ Safety Gloves

These extreme heat-resistant gloves boast a long cuff and non-slip grips.
Gloves with long cuffs and a tactile silicone pattern on the palm, and fingers. Shows brand Highloong and website on tag:

Ten: BBQ Grill Light

LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light helps cooks who need extra light or anyone grilling at night. 22″ adjustable neck attaches with a mounting clamp. Made of weather-resistant aluminum.
A light on the end of a curled gooseneck attached to a clamp that screws.
Happy summer!

Published On: June 23, 2019Categories: Toolkits
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