Visual or Vibrating Alert Devices

A round modern clock with a bright digital display and a cord-attached disc

Ten gadgets to help you stay safe, on time, and informed with a hearing impairment

One: Smartphone Watch

The InstaLink vibrates when a call, text, or social media message is received. Provides medication reminders and additional alarms. Compatible with iOS or Android.
Sleek watch with digital display showing handset icon and the caller's name, Joe Miller.

Two: Weather Alert Radio with Silent Call Light and Bed Shaker

The Midland Public Alert certified weather/hazard radio tunes to NOAA’s 24/7 National Weather Service broadcast. Its notification system includes audible, vibration and strobe flashing alert options, and a bed shaker.
Midland weather radio and alert system shows four devices, two are labeled SilentCall Communications, one is a conventional weather, another is an external speaker.

Three: Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound-Alert

The VTech DM221 has graphic bars on the parent unit that indicate the level of sound from your baby’s room and a vibrating alert option.
Two hand-held devices, one with an LCD display and LED indicator lights

Four: Accessible Alarm Clock

The Bellman and Symfon alarm clock wakes you up with flashing lights, a shaking bed, a loud alarm or any combination. It also boasts a nightlight function.
A round modern clock with a bright digital display and a cord-attached disc

Five: Wake-up Light

The Phillips Wake-up Light is designed as light therapy. It wakes you with a simulated sunrise and a choice of sounds or FM radio. Go to sleep with a sunset, too.
Phillips wakeup light

Six: Multi-Function Visual Alert System

The Clarity A10 is a hub that alerts you to telephone calls and the doorbell, serves as a vibrating alarm clock, and with additional components may become a baby monitor as well as a home security system among other features.
A box with red indicator lights labeled for different functions including phone, clock, alarm, door, sound, and motion. Two additional gadgets in foreground.

Seven: Visual Door Bell

The Sonic Alert doorbell system works with most home intercoms. The system provides different flash codes for front and back doors and an optional portable vibrating notification device.
Two plastic hand-held boxes, one intended for mounting and a power cord.

Eight: Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarm Monitor System

The Krown KA300 hardwires to a building’s existing fire and carbon monoxide alarms to monitor safety. Includes a powerful strobe light, alarm, and bed shaker.
An alert system hub with strobe light and speaker and three additional alert components including bed shaker.

Nine: Loud Phone Ringer and Flasher

The Serene RingMaster boasts a 95 dB ringer in addition to a bright flashing alert. The unit is adjustable for volume, ring patterns, and tone. It’s also bed shaker compatible.
Desktop gadget with light, speaker, and controls ring pattern, tone, and volume.

Ten: Simple Phone Flasher

The Krown phone flasher is plug and play and powered by your landline. It alerts you to analog calls or your TTY. No battery is necessary.
A corded plastic box with strobe light and phone jack with words Krown Phone Flasher
Before you buy AT, be sure to check out this advice from the AT3 Center! Also, find your State or Territory AT Program for opportunities to learn about and borrow devices for short-term trial.

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