Happy Earth Day from AT Reuse Programs Across the Nation

A new transport wheelchair in a heap of scrap metal garbage.

Did you know that most states and territories have a program supporting the reuse of assistive technology and/or durable medical equipment? During 2018, over 68,500 devices were refurbished across the nation, many diverted from the scrap metal dumpsters of solid waste stations. These devices saved individuals and families more than $26,500,000! If you have durable medical equipment you or a loved one is no longer using, consider donating to your state reuse program before heading to the dump.

A new transport wheelchair in a heap of scrap metal garbage.

A transport wheelchair spied in scrap metal at a Chittenden Solid Waste station in Colchester, Vermont

Reuse programs make it possible for seniors, adults, and children with disabilities to maintain their independence without having to wait for insurance approvals.
A girl with two broken legs, casts above the knees, seated in a wheelchair smiling with a small dog on her lap.

REquipment, the reuse program in Massachusetts, provided several durable medical equipment devices to the family of a young girl who broke both legs snowboarding this season.

Reuse programs are also solutions for acquiring devices insurance won’t cover, including backup equipment.
A young woman seated in a power wheelchair smiling in a room full of durable medical equipment. A banner behind her reads DC SHARES: the District of Columbia Disability Equipment Recycling Program.

A young woman receives a power wheelchair from DC SHARES, the reuse program serving the District of Columbia

They fill temporary needs while families and individuals with disabilities wait for new equipment to be approved, during the repair of a device, or during displacement following a disaster.

A resident of St. Thomas with a walker provided by the Puerto Rico AT Program following hurricane Irma in 2017.

Across the country, power wheelchairs, rollators, standers, pediatric equipment, shower chairs and more are helping community members stay safe at home and active in their communities–often at no cost–with assistance from their state reuse programs.
An older woman travels a sunny sidewalk along side a picket fence in her power wheelchair smiling.

The Oregon AT Program saved this senior over $4,500 on a power wheelchair that made possible traveling to her corner store.

South Carolina

The South Carolina AT Program provided this gentleman a bath chair and a bedside table.

A smiling woman seated in a manual wheelchair holding a ROHO cushion, behind her is an older woman and an accessible vehicle.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech provided this young woman a manual wheelchair and a ROHO wheelchair cushion.

A smiling little boy in a stroller outside on grass with his mother and sister kneeling and smiling beside him.

The Washington AT Program provided this family an adapted stroller.

If you or someone you know is in need of a device or has gently-used equipment to donate, Find your State or Territory Device Reutilization Program!
Happy Earth Day from AT3 Center News and Tips!

Published On: April 22, 2019Categories: Program Spotlights
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