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Calm beach with single palm tree suspending an enclosed cloth pod-like chair on a gorgeous day.

Calm beach with single palm tree suspending an enclosed cloth pod-like chair on a gorgeous day.

Managing stress and anxiety is a life skill. Whether you feel pressure at work,  school, home, or experience anxiety due to depression, autism, PTSD or another condition, most everyone can use ideas for reducing stress at some point during their lifetime.

To help, AT3 Center News and Tips has compiled a list of low to high-tech stress-relief tools. The list includes devices, gadgets, apps, and wearables. A few are designed for children or elders, but most can be used by anyone.

Apps on this list go beyond simple meditation aids. Some track and log symptoms and can even connect users to live people for support (check out Aimee Sterk’s article on her experience with the PTSD Coach app which inspired this post!)

Perhaps one of these tools will inspire a new approach to relieving anxiety for you or someone you know.

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Soothe-your-space devices

Sound Therapy Sound Machine
Aroma Therapy Fan
Bubble Tubes
Magnetic Mattress Pad
Big Hug-Deep Pressure Positioning Aid

Wearables for winding down

Anxiety Relief Bracelet
BreatheWell Wear (Android app for smartwatch)
Chewbeads (bracelet, pendant, necklace)
Compression Clothing for Children
Inner Balance (app and sensor)
Spire Health Tag and Stone
Weighted Puppy Shoulder Wrap or Sash
Weighted Blankets
Weighted Compression Vest
Deep-VR (virtual reality headset) also Virtual Reality Apps for Relaxation

Fidget freely

Isoflex Stress Relief Ball
Regulation Putty
Chew Noodle
Fidget Toys
Gel Aquarium with 4 Fish (Lap Pad)

Anxiety-ending apps

Anxiety Free (iOS only)
Brainwaves (iOS)
Breathe2Relax (iOS and Android)
Buddhify (iOS and Android)
Calm (iOS and Android)
Colorfy (iOS and Android)
Dream EZ to rewrite nightmares (iOS and Android)
End Anxiety Hypnosis (iOS and Android)
Equanimity-Meditation Timer & Tracker
Free Relaxing Nature Sounds and Spa Music (iOS)
Happify: for stress and worry
Headspace meditation app (iOS and Android)
Health Mapper (iOS and Android)
HelloMind (iOS and Android)
Meditation Oasis apps (iOS and Android)
Mood Meter to build emotional intelligence (iOS and Android)
PTSD Coach (iOS and Android)
PTSD Free (iOS and Android)
Relax Meditation (iOS and Android)
Relax Melodies (iOS and Android)
7 Cups free online counseling (iOS and Android)
Self-Help for Anxiety Management SAM (iOS)
Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle and Alarm (iOS)
Smiling Mind meditation (iOS, Android, Web)
Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS, Android, Web)
Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help (Android)
Stress is Gone (iOS and Android)
Stress Stopper Pro (iOS)
T2 Mood Tracker (iOS and Android)
Tranquility OCD Support App
What’s Up (iOS and Android)
Worry Box- Anxiety Self-Help (Android)
Worry Watch- Stress and Anxiety (iOS)
Zen Koi game (iOS and Android)

Thanks to the Job Accommodation Network for contributions to this post!

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