A Stroller for Eduardo

A smiling little boy in a stroller outside on grass with his mother and sister kneeling and smiling beside him.

Thanks to the Washington Assistive Technology Act Program (WATAP) for this reuse program success story. Reuse programs provide refurbished durable medical equipment and other AT at no (or very low) cost. They saved US households close to $30 million in 2017!

A smiling little boy in a stroller outside on grass with his mother and sister kneeling and smiling beside him.

“Maria” came into the Bridge Mobility Center, a community partner of WATAP, carrying her 3-year-old son, “Eduardo.” Maria did not speak English, so her teenage daughter,  “Rosa,” translated for her. They were looking for a pediatric stroller for Eduardo, who has cerebral palsy and had outgrown his infant stroller.

The Mobility Center staff showed them what they had in their inventory and the family quickly settled on a very sturdy stroller that would fit Eduardo for years to come.  However, the stroller needed a few adjustments so Eduardo would be positioned correctly. The family was asked to return in a few days.

When they arrived to pick up the stroller, there were several people already in line. While waiting, Eduardo spied his new stroller and became so excited that before the Center staff finished with the clients ahead of his family, they already had him trying it out.

Noone minded. Eduardo fit perfectly and was so happy he flashed a huge smile from his comfortable seat to all who were waiting in line. He made such an impression that another woman in line offered to help get the stroller home when the family realized the car they brought with them was too small. The stroller may have been free, but the impact it made–even in just the few minutes the family waited–was priceless.

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Published On: April 11, 2018Categories: Program Spotlights
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